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In order to install Velociraptor, you'll need a recent version of Deno.

#Installing from 🦕

$ deno install -qAn vr

#Installing from 🥚

$ deno install -qAn vr

ℹ️ You might have to add the installation root to your path.


To upgrade to the latest version run

$ vr upgrade

or, to install a specific version:

$ vr upgrade <version tag>

Requires vr >= 1.0.0

#Upgrading using deno install

If you're updating/overwriting an existing installation using deno install, add the -f flag.

#Usage without installing

To use Velociraptor without installing it run:

$ deno run -qA <PARAMS>

ℹ️️ Some of vr's features won't work this way, see Known limitations.


Here's an overview of how vr uses permissions:

Permission Description
env Access the environment variables to control behaviors such as the log level or git hooks deactivation
net Check for updates and retrieve version tags
read Find script configuration files and git hooks
run Run your scripts in separate processes
write Write git hooks (future use: write log files on failures)

The recommended installation script includes the -A/--allow-all flag (which grants all permissions) to support future version installs with the upgrade command and in order to allow you to write arbitrary TypeScript configuration files (which inherit vr's permissions when imported).

⚠️ This means that your .ts config files are granted all permissions.