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Here's an overview of vr's main commands (run vr --help or vr <command> --help to get help in the CLI).

#Listing scripts


$ vr

to see a list of available scripts.

#Running scripts

To run a script, use the run subcommand


or, more concisely

Arg or option Description
SCRIPT The identifier of the script to run.
ADDITIONAL ARGS Any other argument, passed to the script. Unlike npm run, the -- separator is not needed.

For example, run

$ vr start
# or
$ vr run start

to execute the start script.

ℹ️ If you enabled shell completions, trigger the autocomplete on one of this commands to get the available scripts as suggestions.

#Exporting scripts

If you want to use velociraptor to manage your scripts, but you want to be able to execute them in environments where you can't (or don't want to) install vr, the export subcommand may be of help: it allows you to export one or more scripts as standalone executable shell files together with their env variables, Deno cli options etc.:

$ vr export [SCRIPTS]...
Arg or option Description
SCRIPTS A space-separated list of scripts to export. If omitted, all the declared scripts are exported.
-o, --out-dir The directory where the scripts will be exported (default: bin).

For example, run

$ vr export start

to export the start script. Now you can execute it by running

$ ./bin/start [ARGS]...

Scripts exporting currently only supports sh.

#Shell scripting

Like in npm scripts, vr commands are executed inside a shell. On Unix-like systems the shell is determined by the SHELL env variable (with sh as fallback); on Windows PowerShell is used by default (see Cmd.exe and quotes) with the ComSpec env variable and cmd.exe as fallback values. To customize the shell without changing your default shell env variables you can use the VR_SHELL variable (a full path is required).

The shell requirements are pretty much the same as node's.

#Current working directory

Velociraptor searches for script files up the folder tree starting from the directory where the vr command was launched. Scripts are run from the directory where the script file is, independently of the initial location.

#Shell completions

To enable shell tab-completion for velociraptor commands, add the corresponding line to your shell's config: